Duplicity’s Child by FJ Harmon

Duplicity’s Child by FJ Harmon
English | 2018 | Mystery | ePUB | 946 KB

Mace Franklyn has a lot to prove, a failed career, broken marriage, but is assignment to a politically charged case as is his comeback chance, or the final straw? Duplicity’s Child is a serial thriller you can’t put down. Its fast-paced story, revealed through Mace’s point of view and the mind behind the killing, will keep you turning the pages until the very end.
The motel murders are baffling the SBI, Mace finds himself at the center of the investigation,
but not everyone wants to share the spotlight. The investigation devolves into an inter-agency rivalry fetid with betrayal, and high emotions, complicated when the medical examiner turns out to be his bitter former spouse. A murder makes it personal and Mace races against time to stop the next murder, but the mind behind the killings is already stalking his next victim… Mace.

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