Earth Magic by Kenneth Price

Earth Magic by Kenneth Price
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 610 KB

Within the eight kingdoms of Kambrya, magic has been outlawed and magic users are persecuted. However, magic might be the only way to save the kingdoms from a cult of dark intensions that is setting down roots across the kingdoms; a cult that has no problems using dark magic to gain their ambitions of unlimited power.

It is in this world that the young Elwin ap Gruffydd, the scholarly Prince of Ceredigion, suddenly finds himself orphaned, and faced with mounting challenges: his beloved sister is missing, the kingdoms of Kambrya are being overrun by an ancient evil, and his kingdom has been stolen by his own cousin. Can he and his childhood friends find the missing Princess Lina ap Gruffydd, and save the kingdom? Even before they can start the long journey, Elwin and his loyal friends find themselves hunted and chased by an evil that never sleeps and never rests. Will they survive? To make things worse, the young Elwin is horrified to find that a magic as old as the evil he faces, is begging to change him. Can the help of a mysterious druid from an outlawed religion help him? Can he even trust this strange druid from a land so distant that most believe it to be only a folk tale to scare children? Will the young Elwin be able to recognize his friends from his enemies? Can he embrace the magical changes that are rising up within him, or will he be destroyed by them? Can he find answers to the riddles and mysteries that have for centuries baffled humans, elves, and dark forces alike?

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