New Eden Royale by Deck Davis

New Eden Royale by Deck Davis
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 422 KB

There’s a rule that wise men follow in VBR: stay in the shadows when the killing starts…
In a heavily-polluted future Earth, the only safe places are ones that have shields protecting them from the sun. Here, in broken towns and cyberpunk cities, some people earn a living fighting in Virtual Battle Royales refereed by Overseers.
When those searching for wealth and glory enter the battlefield, the cyberpunk cities give way to dangerous fantasy lands filled not just with other fighters, but with whatever creatures the Overseers’ minds conjure up. The combatants wield swords, runes, skills and spells in digital death battles, in the hope of winning enough money to find a better life.
Harry Wollenstein, a storm knight, is a seeker of fortune who earns his living in brutal virtual wars. When a battle is announced in the capital city New Eden, Harry knows that he must qualify. The only problem is that one of the New Eden Overseers has hated him since childhood, and he will do whatever it takes to see Harry suffer.

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