Rise by J. Collette Smith

Rise by J. Collette Smith
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 270 KB

Eighteen-year-old Nadia dreams of becoming a member of the King’s Guard, a rank no other woman has held and a role she has worked for, bled for, under her father’s watchful eye. But that dream disappears when her father abdicates his throne to her sooner than expected. After her parents are assassinated by a group of mysterious soldiers during a surprise attack at her name day celebration, she is forced to flee her home and her crown.
Aided in her escape by Caz, leader of the King’s Guard, and Keiran, a prince from a neighboring kingdom, Nadia finds refuge in a nearby village where she learns she is an Immortal, a descendent of the original Overseers of the land. However, she’s marked by the fallen god, Vaas, considered an abomination, and as such has a bounty on her head. Determined to save herself and others like her, she sets off to forge an army of her own to kill the leader of the secret sect that killed her parents. When she discovers the sect has acquired the four swords of Brendel, the only weapons that can kill a god, she realizes they are planning to kill Vaas. If they succeed, every Immortal bearing his mark, including Nadia, will die, too.
As Nadia races to track Vaas down before the soldiers do, her friendship with Caz grows stronger, but so does her distrust of Keiran. She suspects he’s hiding a secret—except, he’s not the only one. When the line between allies and enemies begins to blur, Nadia must decide who’s telling the truth and whether raising a fallen god will save the kingdoms or destroy them all.

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