The Cult of St James by BL Burke

The Cult of St James by BL Burke (James Webb #2)
English | 2018 | Thriller & Crime | ePUB | 342 KB

An organization has begun an assault on animal abusers.
They think he’s dead. That isn’t the case. James is in hiding after the gladiatorial fighting ring that pitted animal abusers against each other is exposed. A part of him wishes to remain anonymous while rescuing dogs in paradise. Another wishes he could continue his previous work.
A whaling ship is attacked, destroyed by a mysterious group calling themselves the Church of St. James, after their patron, the man who began the work of punishing beasts that hurt animals. The owner of the vessel hires former a CIA agent, Aaron, to find who committed this act of terrorism and bring them to justice.
Aaron is sent back to the place it all started, the Brew City, in order to find the perpetrator of the terrorist attack done in the name of a controversial dead man James.

Only, not everyone believes James’ is dead.
Could he be the one behind the heinous crimes? Can Aaron find the leaders of the group before more attacks take place? Can James find a semblance of peace in his new life or will he be dragged back into the world he’d left?

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