Vengeance and Reckonings by Todd Turner

Vengeance and Reckonings by Todd Turner
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 296 KB

Eight mini-nukes built in North Korea using Iranian financial and technical support are delivered to the United States, ironically, in the gas tanks of Chevrolet cars made in South Korea. Craig Stout, CIA agent and close friend of the President s son must discover the plot, identify the targets, and find the vehicles before they destroy eight American cities. One bomb found by pure luck during a servicing process at a port in the Bay Area of California is the only clue that begins a chase to South Korea, then China, which leads to an airborne dog fight in North Korea’s airspace involving a commercial jet. After hop scotching the World, Stout does uncover the plot, but can he find all the vehicles in time? Can Scott Barton the President’s son, effectively turn a primary terrorist to help them? Millions of lives are at stake.

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